Equipment Used in Diagnosing Plumbing Issues

a plumbing expert fixing drain

Many issues can spell doom for your property. One of them is water damage. It has different categories, but all of them usually arise from plumbing issues and natural disasters.

For plumbing issues in Salt Lake City, you can call a 24-hour plumber like Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical before the water causes significant and irreparable damage. The most common reason for water damage is a drain block. Unblocking your drain starts with diagnosing it with the following equipment:

Push Camera

This is a camera attached to a pole and is the most basic equipment used for drain inspections. The camera will send instant images to a monitor. Push cameras are generally used for inspecting pipes with no bends. They will not conduct in-depth scrutiny.

Lateral Launch Camera

This is used to inspect drain branch lines. Branch lines will frequently develop problems that cannot be detected by push cameras. Drain inspection with lateral launch cameras involves a primary camera. Upon reaching a targeted branch line, it will launch a secondary camera. The secondary camera will then send images of the branch line’s interiors to a monitor.


These resemble drones. A crawler comprises a camera on powered wheels that propel it down your drain. This motorization allows your camera to navigate bends and angles. Crawlers are routinely used to conduct an in-depth analysis of pipes with multiple curves.

Most people reach for store-bought and homemade drain cleaners when they notice a drain block. These might save you money, but they accumulate in the pipes and result in significant water damage. Opt for a professional diagnosis with the given equipment so that only practical methods are used to solve the problem.