Estate And Driveway Gates: Aesthetics and Security

Estate Gate Entrance

It is now quite a common sight to see homes and other properties outfitted with automatic gates. Where gates were once restricted to mansions, ranches, and estates, driveway gates are now being installed in neighborhoods with different styles of homes. Not only are they attractive, but they are also affordable and available at home improvement stores. Even DIYers are installing gates out of fully assembled kits.

Why installing an estate driveway gate is a good idea

Gates offer some benefits such as:

  • Curb Appeal: There are many elegant designs to choose from, and these gates are made from high-grade steel. They improve the appearance of any style of home and using electric gates with an opener is very convenient.
  • Security: Driveway gates make it more difficult for people to get access to a home from the backyard. With a closed gate, a parent can keep an eye on their child or a pet in the back yard.
  • Bumping Up Property Value: Both of the above factors play a fundamental role in increasing property values and the home’s resale value.

Picking the Right Gate

There are a few factors to consider when you are shopping around for a driveway gate. These tips should help you find the right one for your budget.

  • Material: Currently, most of the estate driveway gates on the market, such as those from, are made of steel, iron or aluminum. These are powder coated to protect them from the elements. Of the lot, aluminum is lighter and less expensive. Wood gates are also an option but the main disadvantage is that they don’t last as long.
  • Design: Metal gates can be found in a variety of designs and each manufacturer will have a catalog to choose from. Common designs include arched, flat and arched tops with decorative touches. Talk to a representative and let them help you pick the one which suits your needs best.
  • Size: After picking a design, measure your driveway to find out the size you need. Ready to install gates come in pre-set sizes and can be doubled up to cover the required area. If you need a customized gate, contact the manufacturer for it. Keep in mind that the gates will have to accommodate emergency and delivery vehicles when necessary.
  • Opening Mechanism: Most of the driveway gates swing open as a sliding gate will require more space. Gates also usually swing inward – towards the garage. This action will also depend on the slope/grade of the driveway. Keep all of these factors in mind while shopping.
  • Cost: Cost will depend on the type of gate, material, and design chosen. Make sure you know what you want and let a professional installer guide you in your quest.
  • Accessories: There are a number of accessories that can be used to boost security and easy use of the system. Solar panels can be used to power the gate’s motor. Automatic locks are good in areas where it is windy. Pin locks make it simpler for children to use and boost security.

All of these factors play a role in the decision to get a gate. Get the right size and have an elegant home.