Expert Methods of Nuisance Bird Control for Commercial Properties

Bird eating off of a person's hand

Bird watching is exciting. But in business properties, they can become a nuisance. The birds may be trapped in equipment, and their acidic droppings sometimes cause irreparable damage. The droppings also reflect a poor business image and the birds themselves can be a nuisance to clients.

To avoid all these consequences, bird control is essential. The only efficient, safe and humane solution to nuisance birds on commercial properties is an exterminator here in Attleboro, MA.

Here are some methods used by experts to get rid of nuisance birds.

Bird Spikes

These spikes create a no-landing zone in your property for birds. The spikes blend in with your environment and are mainly designed to cause no harm. They only transform your environment into an anti-perching, anti-roosting, and anti-nesting zone.

Pest experts install bird spikes on narrow surfaces, including signage, ledges, parapet walls, cameras, and light and window posts.

Shock Tracks

Though they might seem like a cruel solution, shock tracks are very safe and humane control for nuisance birds. Mild electric shocks are produced when birds perch on any area installed with shock tracks efficiently driving them away.

The tracks are discretely laid, glued or nailed on curved and flat surfaces including ledges, beams, rooflines and parapet walls.

Chemical Repellents

Bird chemical repellents contain polybutylene. This repellent is applied on beams and ledges and feels sticky and unpleasant to birds attempting to perch on them. Chemical repellents are the perfect solution in tight and closely-spaced rows.

They undergo frequent reapplication since they might be coated with leaves or dust and lose their potency. Experts use polybutylene repellents in areas with a small and medium-sized invasion.

Ignoring nuisance birds on commercial properties makes it harder to eliminate them. It is prudent to call an expert exterminator immediately you notice birds nesting and roosting in your business premises. With the above measures, the experts will get nuisance birds out of your business and keep your profits flowing.