Faulty Air Conditioner Thermostats and their Huge Impact

a man adjusting the thermostat of an AC unit

Of the many different parts of an air conditioning system, the thermostat is arguably the one that receives a lot of attention and interaction from users. It is also one of the few components of these space-cooling systems in plain sight. It is also one of the most often overlooked vital pieces of the air conditioner.

It is because of this neglect that thermostats often end up developing problems that do not just affect their individual functionalities, but the overall performance of the entire unit itself.

So as soon as you notice issues with it, you should contact a Rockville air conditioning repair service such as Glenmont Heating & Air Conditioning right away, as delays can put not your entire AC at risk of breaking down.

The first stage of thermostat concerns

When a thermostat starts to malfunction, the first symptom you will notice is its lack of connection to the air conditioner itself. In other words, you no longer have the control over the temperature settings of the space cooler.

Unless you have it fixed as soon as possible, you would have to settle for either a too low or a high temperature, which brings not just inconvenience and discomfort, but potentially higher utility bills too.

The more serious problems brought about by faulty thermostats

During the early stages of thermostat problems, the air conditioning unit itself should not have sustained damages yet. However, continued use despite a malfunctioning temperature control can give rise to serious issues with the main device.

One of these is miscalibration, which results in the air conditioner engaging in a process called “short-cycling.” This means that the unit shuts off before it actually completes the cooling cycle, resulting in ineffective cooling.

Not only does this lead to inefficiency; it can also stress the AC to the point of breaking the compressor.

The compressor is the most valuable – not to mention the priciest – part of an air conditioner. When this breaks down completely, you will no longer have a functioning AC. So before this happens, address your thermostat issues right away.