Flat Roof Design Ideas for Building Extensions

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Open living is currently all the rage. One way of incorporating this stylish living design into your home is by including an extension. Among the decisions that you should make in your extension’s construction is choosing the roof.

A flat roof is an ideal choice in Salt Lake City properties since it has several design options. The designs will transform your extension from an ordinary one to a unique addition to your home. Here are some flat roof designs for a contemporary extension:

Savvy Slope Design

Contrary to their name, flat roofs are not entirely flat. They have a slight slope, which allows for rainwater drainage. You can use this to form a slope savvy design by inclining your roof to approximately 10 degrees. The roof will still be considered flat since the cutoff slope for a flat roof is 15 degrees. This slope will give your extension a roomier appearance and a more expansive view.

Long Overhang Design

You can include a long overhang in your flat roof rather than let its edge sit on top of a wall. This will create the illusion of a slender extension. Flat roofs with a long overhang design can be detailed to reduce the boxy feeling common in this design. The design resembles vertical and horizontal planes on your roof.

Glass Roof Extension

You need not settle for conventional roofing materials for your extension’s roof. Glass flat roofs are the ideal option for property owners who want to let an abundance of sunlight indoors. This material option also lowers your lighting costs during the day. You need not worry about breaking glass since there are various glazing technologies for strong and safe glass panes.

You most likely already have a budget for your extension’s construction. You can be sure the above designs will not eat into it since flat roofs have minimal structural engineering requirements. The exact cost of your roof, however, depends on its size, material, your locality and the roofing contractor you choose.