Fortifying Your New Home’s Easy Access Points

Couple Holding a Key to their House

Buying a new home could be a source of great pleasure for families. Signing on the dotted line doesn’t mean that the process of making the house your own is over, though. From unpacking your boxes and rearranging the furniture to repainting the walls, the list of things to do is nearly endless.

One of the changes to the house that new homeowners might overlook is the need for home security. Sometimes, burglars take advantage of the distractions right after move-in day to plan home intrusions. Fortifying your new home against unwanted visitors is, therefore, a necessity. Here’s how you can ensure your family stays safe after moving to your new property:

Change the Locks and Keys

Replacing all exterior locks is a necessity right after moving in. There is no way to know for sure who the previous owners might have given the keys to the property to, so changing the locks and keys as soon as possible is a good idea. To add another layer of security against intruders, install deadbolt locks on the front door to make the house less vulnerable to break-ins.

Protect Security Flaws and Easy Access Points

Statistics show that burglars often target homes with multiple entry points. Criminals, after all, want an easy way into a house with an unseen escape route. So, inspect your new property for security flaws and make sure that the back gates and doors all have working locks. To make your new home less like a place you’re boarding up, companies like O’Brien Garage Doors offer garage doors that combine aesthetics and functionality for better garage protection.

Install a Security System

Data from the Electronic Security Association, Inc. shows that homes without an alarm system are more prone to being targeted by burglars. A security system serves a huge role in home security since they notify homeowners immediately when a break-in occurs. Additionally, linking a camera security system to a smart-phone is a handy tool in home safety monitoring, especially when the owner is out of town.

Do not overlook the importance of home security after moving into a new place. By fortifying the house against unwanted visitors, homeowners will feel secure right from the onset while securing their newly relocated belongings.