From Clay to Brick: The Ingredients, the Process and the Qualities


A lot of homeowners opt to use clay brick walls for exterior walls, partitions, in patios and other parts of the house. The reason is self-evident: it is durable, cheap and easy to install.

While some brick makers still use the old-fashion way especially in rural places of NSW, industry expert Namoi Valley Bricks states a lot of companies are now using machines to create new bricks.

But why would you choose bricks over other materials? What are the qualities that make it still one of the top choices until this day? Here are some details that could enlighten you about bricks.

The Main Ingredient

Brick could be made entirely of clay or have additional ingredient such as straw to serve as a binder. Due to the presence of iron in the clay, bricks are naturally red in colour, though some makers would add a certain chemical mixture to make similar red colour.

You can add other materials to make bricks are shale, fine sand and other concrete materials.

The Cooking Process

Previously, people mould and shape wet clays into bricks using bare hands and then letting it dry under the sun. As the process develops, brick makers use makeshift oven or kiln to bake the bricks until it dries and become hard. This was also the process used by those living in areas with heavy rainfall.

Brickmakers nowadays, especially those big manufacturers, are using machines to mould the bricks before baking it at over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The new process allows large brick factories to produce millions of bricks every week.

The Brick Qualities

By exposing to high temperature, the soft texture of the clay undergoes a chemical reaction, turning into some form of metamorphic rocks, thus the reason why it is sturdy and strong. Unlike wood that could be eaten by termites and other materials that cannot withstand the test of time, bricks can.

With its natural reddish colour, homeowners need not repaint their wall made of bricks. With its aesthetic and natural attractive beauty, there is no need to have an additional effort for beautification.