Garage Safety: Making the Garage Door System Safe for Your Family

Car driver remotely opening his garage door

A garage is a wonderful convenience for homeowners across the country. It keeps vehicles safe from theft and is a great way to store cars during a storm. Despite these benefits, however, it’s possible for a garage door to be hazardous to its users, as well. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, garage door accidents cause around 30,000 injuries every year.

While the convenience of automatic garage doors makes it a valuable investment, it cannot compensate for a garage door injury. Thus, families looking to create a safer garage door system should keep these things in mind.

Conduct a Monthly Garage Door Inspection

It’s important to perform a monthly visual inspection on your garage door to check if the lift mechanism and the entire system is working properly. Be sure to inspect the springs, the actual door, and then the rest of the pulley system to determine if they’re in good shape. If some of the moving parts require adjustment, it’s advisable to get in touch with a garage door repair service provider like Price’s Guaranteed Doors that offers solutions to various garage door problems.

Become Familiar with the Garage Door’s Safety Features

On top of inspecting your garage door, it’s also essential to learn about its safety features. It usually comes with a range of safety features designed to prevent injury. Many of these safety attributes, however, may not be self-evident. Thus, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the safety features by reading the manual provided at the time of installation.

Install a Garage Door Safety Sensor

Mounting additional safety components can make your garage door system safer. One good safety device is the garage door safety sensor. Although some garage doors are equipped with reversing mechanisms, safety sensors can automatically stop a door anytime an object crosses the threshold while it’s in motion.

Familiarizing yourself with the garage door’s safety features, performing monthly inspections, and installing a garage door safety sensor all help ensure a safer garage door system for your family. Applying these safety measures can help minimize the garage-related accidents that occur each year.