Guide to Choosing a Self-Storage Facility

Storage unit with blue doors

When faced with problems of insufficient space, one of the first solutions you may think of is finding a self-storage company in Toowoomba. There are several factors that should inform you as to what facility you should hire.

Here are four of them:

Your specific need

Before you start looking for a self-storage facility, ask yourself what you specifically need it for. If your goods are climate sensitive, then you need a facility with temperature-controlled rooms. Are you looking to store valuable items? Then work with a self-storage company that has CCTVs, security guards and an insurance coverage for the items stored in their units.

Customer service

Dealing with a company that does not treat you with respect can be a frustrating experience. You are paying for storage services and you deserve to be treated in a manner that leaves you satisfied at the very least. If you must run up and down to get someone to answer your questions, then move on to the next company.

Size of the unit

Unless you have no problem renting several units, then get one that is big enough for your items. A spacious unit will not only accommodate your stuff but will likewise make it easy for you to move around. The last thing you want is to take some goods outside to access those at the back of the storage unit.

Accessibility of the facility

A self-storage unit must be accessible any time of the day or night. Look for a facility that is near where you are staying and insist on getting a key for your locker for the duration of your contract.

Choosing the ideal self-storage facility does not need to be complicated. By looking at a few essentials, you can end up with a unit that suits you best.