Have Your Furnace Repaired When You Encounter These Signs

repair man skillfully working on a gas furnace

With the coming of winter in a few months, you better check your furnace to see if it is functioning properly and efficiently. By the time winter arrives, you want to be snug and warm in your home rather than shivering and freezing because your furnace has a problem.

Desert Star Heating and Air recommends that as early as now, you must look for the following signs you need to call for immediate furnace repair.

Too Much Dust

Turn your furnace on so that you can inspect it more thoroughly. When you feel or notice excessive dust coming out of the vents, you can try replacing the filters to get clean air. If dust continues to come out after replacing the filter, call the professionals.

Lack of Heating

When you turn on your home’s furnace and you receive no heat, you clearly need professional help. Check circuit breakers and any power switches first, as the lack of heat may be due to a power interruption. When the problem persists, you can go ahead and call the pros.

Carbon Monoxide Leak

Carbon monoxide poses a danger to you and your family. When you turn your furnace on and the pilot light in the front panel has a yellow light, then you may have a carbon monoxide leak. Call for furnace repair and leave the house immediately.

Gas Leak

In the same way, gas can be lethal when inhaled. When you smell gas from the air vents, do the same as above to protect your family and deal with the problem immediately. When you only smell a burning odor, however, simply turn the system off and call the professionals.

Other signs to watch out for include unusual noises, a suddenly increased heating bill, and too much cycling on and off. These signs may also indicate that your furnace needs a replacement. In such cases, complete the project before the cold weather comes.