Have Your Home Tested for These Three Dangers

Wall Dirt

It is good to keep your home spic and span, but just because your home is clean does not mean it is already safe. Your family may be exposed to contaminants that may compromise health.

To find out whether your indoor air is safe to breathe, here are some of the things you should test for immediately.

1. Mold

Some people who are constantly exposed to a moldy environment may not suffer anything at all, but there are also people who suffer from severe allergic reactions due to mold. More commonly, mold may cause coughing and wheezing, stuffiness in the nose, eye irritation, or skin irritation.

Hire a professional home inspection company like Aerolite Group to perform mold testing in your Salt Lake City home. It is usually a bad idea to remove the mold yourself, especially if you are already allergic.

2. Radon

One out of every 15 homes in the U.S. may have a toxic level of radon, an odorless gas caused by the breakdown of uranium found in the soil just about anywhere. Constant exposure to radon may cause lung cancer.

You can buy a system that checks for radon levels and emits an alarm if those levels become dangerous. It is more advisable, however, to hire a professional that can test for it immediately.

3. Poor air quality

Sometimes, there is no radon or mold inside your home, but the indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor air is what your family breathes in day and night. Remember, just because it does not smell bad does not mean your indoor air is good.

Better be safe and ask a certified environmental inspector to test your indoor air for pollution. If it does turn out to be polluted, the inspector can determine the levels and the source, as well as make recommendations regarding what can be done to improve your home’s air quality.

You do not always see what could already be affecting your health. Check for these examples to make sure your home offers nothing but safety and comfort to you and your family.