Here’s How You Can Lower Your Fridge Energy Cost

person is opening the refrigerator

Refrigerators are one of the main energy consumers in your home. This only makes it important to find out ways on how you can make the most of your fridge and prevent it from using more energy than it needs to. This can also prolong the life of your appliance and prevent frequent breakdowns in the future.

Appliance service experts in Utah share a few things that can help:

Be mindful of what you store.

You may not realize it, but filling up your refrigerator can actually help lower energy costs. Do take note that when you open your fridge, cool air comes out and warm air enters. And when you close the fridge door, the appliance will have to work again to cool down your food. If the fridge is full, there will be less cool air and less airspace to be exchanged with the warm air outside. This reduces the burden on your appliances, which then helps you save energy. Just be sure not to overfill the fridge, as this can negatively affect the ability of the air to move around inside.

Maintain your fridge.

This includes cleaning your fridge, defrosting the freezer, and checking other components like the condenser coils and the rubber gaskets in the door. Caring for the appliance also means making sure that the doors are always tightly sealed every time you shut the door. This is to keep the cool air from getting out and the warm air from coming in. To find out if your gaskets need replacing, place a dollar bill in the door. If it slips out easily, your gasket may have to be replaced.

Place the appliance in a cool spot.

If your fridge is surrounded by appliances you use on a daily basis, the heat from these appliances will make it harder for your fridge to stay cool. Be sure to place the appliance in a cool spot, where it can operate at consistent temperatures. Also, don’t place it in direct sunlight.

As the fridge consumes energy 24 hours a day, it is only important to make sure that you are not putting an extra burden on the appliance. If your fridge is not working properly or if the food keeps spoiling faster, you may want to have it checked by an appliance service expert.