Home Improvements and Fixes You should Never DIY

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With Pinterest being so popular, it’s not surprising how most people want to DIY certain home repairs to save money. Note though that some repairs need special skills to avoid injury and property damage.

Leave the following home repairs and fixes to a professional:

Plumbing Issues

Whether it’s the sink or the toilet, plumbing problems should be left to those who were trained to see to the matter. Make a point of keeping the contact number of an emergency plumber on your phone because water is not something you can live without.

Water leaks can be delicate and, with one wrong move, you can flood your area. More often than not, DIY plumbing jobs make the problem worse and expensive.

Electrical Issues

Patching up your electric lines yourself isn’t just difficult and dangerous – in some States, it’s actually illegal. Unless it’s a simple light bulb change, electrical work can be tricky. Even installing or adjusting dimmer switches needs the input of a professional.


Tiles make up a prominent part of the home which is why it’s essential to have it done by an expert. Otherwise, you’d have uneven tiles with cringe-worthy grout. Tiling also requires specialized equipment to cut the floor tiles to fit the floor plan.

Wall Removal

As fun as it looks to break down walls like on TV, it’s not advisable to do so without input from a professional. While some walls are there merely to partition the floor into smaller rooms, others are load-bearing walls; bringing them down can cause the whole house to collapse. Make sure you have an architect check if a wall is OK to remove.


Floor sanding looks like it’s a no-brainer – but it takes skill to set it up correctly. You’ll find that if done by an amateur, the floor would look like it’s been scratched by an ill-tempered cat.

These are just some of the things you should never DIY in your home. It’s usually a judgment call but, for the most part, it shouldn’t be done when you need a special tool to carry it out.