Home Security Best Practices: Reinforcing Key-less Garage Doors

White garage door

Many homes in America today are converting to smart solutions, and it’s easy to see why. Automatic systems are convenient, luxurious, and more reliable than their older counterparts. Key-less and automatic garage doors offer the same perks to households. In fact, this is one of the homeowners’ main considerations when buying a new garage door, according to Ar-Be Garage Doors, Inc., a repair and installation company in Chicago.

Digital systems have weaknesses, however, and key-less garage doors are not immune to them. To avoid getting locked out of your garage and discourage burglars and intruders from taking advantage of your garage’s weaknesses, families should implement home security best practices.

Secure the Locks

The 19th District Community Policing Office stresses the importance of always keeping garage doors closed and locked — even when residents are at home. Moreover, when loading the car, do it inside the garage. But most importantly, don’t drive away before the garage door has fully closed.

All garage windows must have locks, too. Using deadbolts will help you save on expenses.

Ensure Garage Door Quality and Integrity

A garage door can’t help keep your home secure if a good, hard kick can send it crashing down the floor. Replace your garage door if the wood shows signs of rotting. Furthermore, replace the opener if the belt is tattered or the chain is making too much noise.

Best Practices for the Family

Homeowners should avoid using predictable digit combinations like birthdays or anniversaries as garage door key codes. Use random numbers and change them periodically instead. Make sure everyone at home remembers them, too. To limit the number of people who know your code, set a guest code for the neighbor you designate as caretaker whenever you’re away. Simply deactivate the code when you return.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to provide reinforcements and make up for weaknesses in automatic garage doors. Their families’ security depends on it.