Home Update: Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018

Violet tulips

The year 2017 saw Pantone champion greenery. A symbolic declaration of new beginnings, it was Pantone’s way of acknowledging a dramatic shift in the zeitgeist experienced across the world. After a year of Greenery, of supposed revitalisation and renewals, it is about time to change gears.

For 2018, Pantone reckons what you and I need is something louder, something oozing with promise and vision: ultra violet. Master painters in Wellington will agree.

What ultra violet is about

This year is all about thoughtfulness and provocation. Together, this two can result in a lot of promising things: “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking.” If you are just as confused about everything that’s been happening in the world, you are sure to find these qualities aspirational.

After all, there’s no more fun way to counter confusion other than by exhibiting sheer boldness and imagination. Nevertheless, Pantone’s yearly declaration of colour is not purely conceptual. It serves an array of practical purposes as well.

Turning your interior ultra violet

Interior design is perhaps one of the industries immediately influenced by Pantone’s colour of the year. In fact, as soon as the new year breaks, you’ll begin to see design pundits weighing in on the best use of whatever has been declared by Pantone as its colour ambassador. Now if you wish to be on this bandwagon, here’s how.

You could start with basic home updates. By basic, we mean buying ultra violet decor and furniture pieces. You can either start small with throw pillows or go for the jugular with a new set of ultra violet sofa set.

Now if you are the type to go all out, you can totally surrender to the trend by painting your walls in ultra violet like the real provocateur that you are. Just make sure you hire expert painters because surely you don’t want to botch the job.

Whether you’re the outgoing kind who can easily vibe with Pantone’s ultra violet or its exact opposite, there’s no denying that somehow, someway, Pantone always gets it right.