Housekeeping Hacks: What Attracts Bed Bugs to Your Home?

Bed bug crawling in a pillow

One female bed bug with enough blood to feed on can produce as many as 500 healthy eggs, which grow into mature insects. These creatures may be difficult to exterminate completely. Nevertheless, if you know enough about them, you can win the fight against them.

When it comes to bed bug control, every Salt Lake City exterminator is aware of the daunting task ahead.

Hiding Places

Bed bugs like to stay in small areas where they cannot be disturbed. Since their targets are humans on their beds, it makes sense that they choose to make the mattress their home. Other than mattresses, you will find evidence of their presence on comforters, cushions, and other areas where it is easy for them to aggregate.

Carbon Dioxide and Warmth

If you are wondering how the insects find humans, then you should learn about two of the most important things they crave—carbon dioxide and warmth. Before they can get to the blood in our veins, they have to get to us first. The insects are programmed to seek out carbon dioxide. Humans exhale this gas in exchange for the oxygen we inhale. They are also attracted to warmth. You should not be too surprised to find them between the sheets doing their business while you are asleep.

Outside Sources

In many homes, the source of bed bugs is external – often hotel rooms and public transport vehicles. To keep your home safe and protected, quarantine the suitcase you brought home instead of taking it directly to your room. Insects can also enter your home from second hand goods you have brought for a bargain. Goods arriving by mail may also be a source of infestation. To avoid the absolute nightmare of a severe infestation, open boxes outside and check contents for signs of infestation.

You do not want to suffer the consequences of having unwanted visitors – pests that hide under mattresses and bite you in the night. Be vigilant and protect your family from bed bugs. Work with a trusted pest control company in your location to ensure positive results.