How a Cold House Can Cause Health Problems

a woman sitting on a couch with maximum temperature of air conditioner

Winter in the UK in 2018 could mean a much colder and bleaker season. The reason: El Nino. This phenomenon causes the waters of the Pacific Ocean to become warmer than usual. Those that are close to it can then experience a lot of flooding. On the other side of the globe, such as the UK, it can mean it is to bundle up really well. It also means ensuring your home has proper insulation.

Why You Need to Insulate Your Home During Winter

There is a growing number of companies such as TCA Rendering & Insulation that are helping families insulate their homes. The effects of poor or lack of insulation are both serious and significant. It can increase the risk of heart attacks, especially for those with an underlying health problem.

When the temperature drops, the body tries its best to cope. It may slow down certain body processes to reserve as much energy as possible. It may also concentrate the blood flow to the core of the body. In turn, it can result in high blood pressure. The demand for more blood within this area can also force the heart to pump more blood, forcing the vital organ to work harder.

Colds and Flu

A colder temperature may also increase the likelihood of developing colds and flu. Opposite to other people’s beliefs, many viruses thrive in winter. Further worsening the problem is how more people tend to stay indoors during the season. Its spread can then become fast and easy.

Colds and flu can be especially dangerous to certain groups. These include children, older adults, and people with a poor immune system. In the first three months of 2018, more than 150,000 people died because of it. It is the highest since 2009.

Insulating the home does not only lower your energy costs but also protect your health. It may be costly, but it is a wise investment.