How a Garage Door Can Protect Your Business

A business' garage door

When you are driving at night and see those big buildings with commercial garage doors locked down to the ground, doesn’t it make you think how effective those doors really are?

Around 9% of small businesses experienced burglary or theft in 2016. So, how do these Salt Lake City commercial garage doors – offered by firms such as Price’s Guaranteed Doors – protect businesses from events like that?

Commercial garage doors open and close more than 10 times a day, and some think this is what damages them easily. This is not true. Manufacturers know that garage doors used in businesses are the ones that need more strength to stand the test of time.

Here are a few characteristics of these massive doors that will prove they can protect whatever is on the other side.

1. They make them from polyurethane.

This material strongly adheres to the walls of the door, which makes its segments stiffer, sturdier and more bend-resistant. It also makes movement more silent, and less prone to shaking and vibration. Opening and closing them several times a day should not be a problem. Plus, it gives better insulation compared to polystyrene.

2. They have heavy-duty spring systems.

This would depend on the size of the door and how often people would open and close them. For example, a loading dock door that opens 25-50 times a day will use springs with 25 to 100,000 cycles for more durability, compared to those used in home garage doors that use only 10,000 cycles.

3. They need connection to higher volt systems.

This is because of the strength and power they need to effectively open and close when needed. Since all their components are heavy duty, they will need the right power voltage to back that up.

These are very powerful reasons many people trust garage doors for their businesses – for their safety and protection.