How Elderly People Can Enjoy Independent Living Longer

Caregiver helping the elderly woman

Modern technology allows seniors to achieve more independence in everyday living. With the help of caregivers and modern medical devices, many elderly people can age in place in comfort.

portable bathtub can help your aging parents take a bath on their own, for example. A personal medical alert device can help them call for immediate help when the fall or suffer from a medical emergency.

Here are other ways to help your senior loved one live in relative independence for a longer time:

Home Design Ideal for Aging in Place

If your aging parent wants to age in place, you must make adjustments to your home. Keep your senior loved one’s physical limitations in mind. Your home must allow them to move around without difficulty. This is true if they rely on a wheelchair or a walker for mobility.

Building a new home with a single-floor home design would be ideal. If stairs are necessary, installing an elevator or chairlift would help. Of course, a new home would be costly. If budget is a consideration, you can hire a home design specialist to retrofit an existing home with safety and mobility features.

In a traditional home, the kitchen and bathroom are the riskiest areas for seniors. These are the areas where falls often happen. Redesign the kitchen in a way that the elderly can cook or access everything from a wheelchair. For the bathroom, installing seat showers or a portable bathtub will allow the elderly to take a bath on their own.

Help from Caregivers

Technological advancements provide great help for seniors who want to age in their own home. Most seniors still need help from a caregiver, however. Tasks like housecleaning, meal preparation, and running errands may be difficult for them.

Living in their own home gives seniors a sense of independence. It would be too risky to let them live on their own, though. With some help from a caregiver, they would be able to handle most of the things they used to do.

Independence is important for your senior loved ones. Follow these tips and allow them to live the rest of their lives in dignity.