How Much Should You Spend on Professional Tree or Shrub Pruning?

Man in harness cutting palm tree fronds

Americans should expect to pay an average of $414 for a professional tree or shrub pruning, although the actual price would depend on different factors such as your location.

If you live in Utah, the price of shrub trimming in Murray may be cheaper than in Salt Lake City. suggests that you inquire about quotes from at least three companies to determine the best rates, aside from asking about the best time to trim plants.

Spending Range

For instance, trees that are ensnared in electrical lines would require you to spend more. Professionals charge a higher rate in this case due to the inherent risks, aside from the need to use certain equipment. You shouldn’t hesitate to hire a contractor despite the higher cost since it’s your safety that matters in this situation.

Right Time for the Job

The right time to do some pruning in your landscaping or small garden would depend on the type of plants and flowers you have. Some types require pruning after they blossom in spring, which is otherwise categorized under varieties that grow on “old wood.”

On the other hand, you would need to prune plants that bloom on “new wood” in early spring just before they begin to grow in summer. If you are unsure about the plant varieties falling in these categories, it’s better to ask a professional.

Households may reduce the overall cost of tree pruning or shrub trimming by doing the work themselves. However, this requires time and effort on your part, so think about how much of the task you’re willing to take on without any help. Leaving the job to the pros is still your best option.