How to Prepare Your Home for a Storm

a hurricane forming viewed from space

Having to deal with structural damage after weathering the storm can be tough. Not only will it be expensive; you will also have to find an alternative place to stay to avoid contracting waterborne diseases. Waterlogged walls also provide a perfect ground for mold growth, which is harmful to your health.

If your home is not storm-ready, you should consider getting a water damage contractor in British Columbia to assess any weakness in your home and provide waterproofing solutions. While a full inspection might be expensive, preventative measures are usually cheaper than repair costs. Here are other ways to prepare your home for a storm:

Keep the Water Out

Fasten your shingles to prevent the loose ones from flying off. Ensure that your roof is waterproofed and if it isn’t, make sure to apply a bitumen coating to prevent water from leaking into your house. Make sure that the chimney flashing is in place to avoid leakages. This is an excellent time to install new zinc strips on your roof to prevent the growth of mold.


Put together a disaster kit should the worst happen. Buy waterproof clothing and blankets, get a medical emergency kit, stock up on food and bottled water, and get a backup generator. Use a checklist to make sure that you do not forget anything that you might need.

Protect Your House

Cut off branches that look like they might fall on your roof, causing it to cave inwards. Also, remember to clear your gutters to prevent waterlogging. Ensure that any attached structure can withstand a storm. Otherwise, secure it properly. You should also install storm shutters on your windows and deadbolts on your doors to prevent them from flying off.

If the weather forecast predicts that a strong hurricane is coming your way, go the extra mile and board up your windows. If you don’t have time to storm-proof your house, hire a contractor who specializes in hurricane-proof architecture so that you can rectify any fault before the storm hits.