How To Properly Maintain Your Spa

Bath tub in a restroom

Having a home spa is a luxury but without proper maintenance, your spa could end up costing you a lot in repairs. Fortunately, maintaining your spa doesn’t take backbreaking labor. You can service your spa yourself if you have the time or you can hire a spa service in Salt Lake City for a guaranteed quality of work.

Here are some essential spa equipment that you have to look out for:


A filter removes both macroscopic and microscopic debris. Having properly installed spa filters ensures you will have less trouble with it during routine cleaning. Clean your filter when the filter pressure increases to 5-10PSI above normal. You should also carry out regular chemical cleaning to rid your filter of deeply embedded oils and debris. Store your filter properly during the winter to stop freezing temperatures from damaging it.


Circulating pumps keep your spa clean and free from algae. A broken or obstructed impeller in your pump can also cause your hot tub water jets to be less powerful. To prevent this, perform a regular check up of your pump and remove any obstructions. You should also run your pump for at least 4-8 hours a day maximizes its efficiency. Failure to do this can make the pump stop generating enough pressure to do its job.


The ideal hot tub water should be 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your heater rust free and clean it regularly to prevent scaling from mineral buildup. Additionally, using a heater cover will not only decrease heat loss but also keep debris and dust out of your pool and tub.

Without proper maintenance, your spa bath isn’t only an eyesore, but it can also have an adverse impact on your health. Doing little maintenance tasks like these can save you a lot of future headaches. Keeping your spa equipment clean not only makes it run at its best, but it can also extend your bath’s lifespan.