How to Protect Your Home from Harsh Weather Conditions

Overlooking a roof gutter with raindrops on a balcony during heavy rainfallHarsh weather conditions, such as storms and freezing temperatures, can cause damage to your home. It can cause water damage to your pipes as well as to your home’s exteriors, including your doors and hardwood windows.

To prevent this from happening, follow these tips:

Check your gutters and soffits

Give your fence posts a good shake—not too much, just enough to check if it is properly attached and not loose. Have a professional check on your gutters and soffits, as well as the lead flashing on your roof and see if anything is loose or cracked up there. Broken roof tiles and damaged gutters can easily be damaged by extreme weather and strong winds, and having them repaired beforehand will help you save money.

Put your outdoor items away

Ice and snow can easily damage high-value items such as griller and lawnmowers. Make sure to store them away before the winter and rainy season comes in to prevent them from being all rusty and damaged. Unplug all of your electrical appliances that are stored and not in use to prevent any type of electrical problems, which are potentially dangerous.

Prevent your pipes from freezing

Frozen pipes can cause internal flooding. Disconnect your garden hose from the spigot during winter to prevent your pipes from freezing. Keeping your heater on a timer, even just for an hour a day, can also stop your pipes from freezing.

Manage uprooted trees

Have a professional tree surgeon or arborist decide what to do with uprooted trees to minimise the danger of having a tree fall on your house or care. Uprooted trees can cause extreme damage to your roof tiles and fences, and this will cost you an expensive amount when you have it repaired by professionals.

Prevention is always better than cure, so remember to do these tips even before the winter or rainy season comes. Just to be sure, always remember to contact a local professional to do most of the preparation for you.