How to Throw a Backyard Party in Style


An outdoor dinner party is one of the most economical ways to entertain your friends. But your party does not have to look too plain and simple. Consider these tips to transform your backyard get-together into a memorable event.

Use classic decors

Create a warm and cosy ambience by sprucing up your backyard with a tasteful touch. Light up your patio or outdoor gazebo with overhead decorations, such as paper lanterns and lights. You may likewise use your old wine bottles as candle holders to add sparkle to your table setting.

Your buffet dinner will look refined on a white tablecloth, and you can never go wrong with white plates and embroidered place mats. Make the table more charming by adding a low flower centrepiece or cut-glass bowls for floating rose heads.

Prepare a sumptuous menu

Of course, your gorgeous table will be incomplete without delicious food. Line your table with a variety of snacks, such as sausages, cheese, nuts and bite-sized canapé.

You can prepare a simple recipe of cold ham and chicken that are sliced and arranged on a large platter and then garnished with parsley. You may serve green salad or potato mayonnaise salad with the main dish. For dessert, offer your guests with fruit-filled gateau or fruit salad and cream. To close the evening gathering, serve your friends with warm coffee and shortbread fingers or little creamy cakes.

Plan the drinks

Your party drinks should complement the ambience and food for the evening. Give your guests a constant supply of beverages throughout the party. At the start of dinner, offer an aperitif, such as Sherry or light dry white wine. For the rest of the night, supply them with assorted fruit juices and cocktail drinks, such as spiced cider, London coolers, gin fizz or dry rose wine.

These practical tips will give a touch of glamour and charm to your outdoor party. It will surely treat you and your friends to a relaxing and fun evening.