Is Your Boiler Ready for the Coming Winter?

Man happy when he fixed the boiler

Admit it, you probably don’t even think about your boiler until it starts to break down. Although comprehensive maintenance would greatly help ward off premature boiler issues, even the most responsible homeowners will need to have their boiler repaired eventually. That said, get your boiler checked if the following conditions are true:

The Radiator is Cold

If you feel that your radiator isn’t heating as expected, it might have air or sludge buildup. A simple bleed could resolve this issue if only the topmost portion is cold, but if it’s cold throughout, have it checked right away.

Hearing Weird Sounds from Your Boiler

This could indicate a lime scale or muck buildup on your boiler’s heat exchanged portion. Those strange sounds that you hear are a result of restricted water flow that has overheated.

The Boiler is Turning Itself Off

This might be an indication of reduced water pressure or an issue with a closed valve or the thermostat. Regardless of the reason, get your boiler inspected as soon as possible to avoid high energy bills later on, says All Hours Plumbing and HVAC and other licensed plumbers in Park City.

Smelling Unusual Odors

If you smell a weird odor once your boiler starts heating up, turn it off and call a plumber instantly to determine the cause. This weird odor could mean the insufficient burning of fuel or a gas leak, which could lead to all sorts of disastrous problems.

Seeing Water Surrounding your Boiler

Leaks or drips surrounding your boiler could mean many different issues such as faulty internal component. Call your plumber to determine what’s causing it.

You are Seeing Stains, Corrosion, and Rust

If you see these in flue vent connectors or pipes, your boiler requires preventive maintenance ASAP. Otherwise, you risk experiencing worse problems in the long haul such as fuel loss, health issues, or a home fire.

Although your boiler was built to last, being proactive about potential issues would help increase its service life. Educate yourself about your boiler and keep these warning signs in mind so that you could address them before things get worse.