It’s Time for a Paint Job: 4 Creative Ways to Paint & Decorate the Interiors

Man painting his home

In need of some cool and new ideas to glam up your walls? Painting is always a good solution. To get the project started, here are a few painting tricks that would level up the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Go Ombre with Walls

Extend the ombre fad through your walls by blending in two or three paints of the same shade. This technique provides a dreamy and fancy effect to any space in your home. Painters and decorators in Wellington often use this painting method in the bedroom and living room, as it creates a relaxed, cheerful, and cosy feel. Still, it could practically work on any area in your home.

Wall of Statements

Think that statement walls can only be achieved through wallpapers? Think again. With the right amount of creativity and tools, you could instantly transform a boring and dull surface into something eye-catching. All you need are set markers, wall stickers, masking tape, and paint and you’re off to make your place extra fabulous.

Burst of Shapes

Geometric is quite a fad these days and if you want to bring this style into your home, it’s possible. With the right shapes and colours to paint, you could certainly bring out the modern and playful appeal of your home. Remember that before you do try it with your walls, try painting on a sample surface to see how it looks like.

A Note on the Wall

Do you, by any chance, cherish a particular passage on a book you’ve read or learned way back? If so, there’s no better way to re-live and remember those phrases than write those down on your wall. Although a bit unconventional, the idea could certainly make your place stand out. You just need a trusty paintbrush and a surface to write on and you’re ready to go.

The next time you think about re-painting your walls, be sure to consider these ideas. When it comes to decorating your home, don’t be afraid to try new designs and styles. If you’re a bit hesitant about the whole project, you could always ask the expert for their opinion.