Keep a Good Roof on Your Heads with These 4 Tips

workers working on quality roofing

When the first ray of light from the summer sun comes, your roof’s the first to feel it. When wind and rain arrive in your city, your roof’s the one who tells you. When the first winter snowflake falls, your roof’s the first to catch it. Design Builders Roofing believes that your roof should give you peace of mind and not make you worry every time the weather changes. And the best way to do that is to follow these four tips to maintain the roof that always protects you and your family.

Don’t let moss thrive

Moss grows in a humid climate. If it starts growing on your roof, it can go under the shingles and push them up. Moss also makes it easier for debris to stick to a roof. Gently brush them off but be careful not to damage the shingles when you do.

Regularly clear away leaves and other dirt

The gutters and valleys of your roof can hold debris that blocks or collects water and moisture. Water equals moss. Gently sweep away dried leaves and branches especially after a storm.

Give your roof a full evaluation

Inspect it from the attic, across the street, and up on top. Check for water leaks and curved shingles. Then keep track of repairs and how old it is, so you know if or when you’ll need an upgrade.

Keep a regular schedule with a professional

Your yearly roof maintenance will only be complete if a professional gets his schedule in because there are many issues only he can identify. Be sure to have him check on your roof at least once a year.

Roofs are made from different materials, but some are best for longevity. If your roof needs a lot of repairs, it might be a better investment if you upgrade it to a sturdier roof. You can always ask your roofing professional about what your options are.