Keep Your Fireplace in Tip-Top Shape in 3 Smart Ways


During winter, extremely low temperatures can cause discomfort in many homes. It’s at such times that you’ll want an extra source of warmth in your house. A well-maintained fireplace can be the perfect remedy in such a season. Below are some maintenance tips for a home fireplace.

Have a professional inspection and cleaning

Regularly cleaning your fireplace is critical, notes However, getting reputable and certified cleaners to inspect and clean it at least once a year makes it even more efficient. The thoroughness with which they approach it, from the firebox to the chimney, leaves your heating place in excellent shape.

Keep rain, rodents, and debris at bay

Ensure the rooftop of your fireplace is fixed with a chimney cap and wire mesh. These two parts of a chimney are vital, as they protect your place from rainwater, rodents, birds, insects, and debris. When insects and birds are left to nest inside the chimney, their droppings make the place dirtier and make cleaning work more hectic. Debris, on the other hand, may block the vent forcing carbon monoxide gas to retreat into the house. This gas is harmful and may suffocate family members.

Monitor soot buildup in the chimney

Fireplace chimney is a channel that directs the smoke and excess heat out of the house. It’s mandatory that it’s checked on repeatedly. Soot buildup should always be eliminated as it may catalyze chimney damage process. If you use wood in your fireplace, consider hardwoods such as oak and birch since they produce less smoke and burn for long hours.

Having your fireplace in top-notch condition guarantees you efficiency at the time when you most need it. Applying the tips mentioned here will not only boost its lifespan but also provide safe and cost-effective services at your home.