Keep Your New Home Safe and Secure in 5 Ways

A door lock is being picked

Moving to a new home is an exciting time, especially if it’s the first house you’ve ever bought. But your responsibility doesn’t end with the down payment and the monthly payments on your mortgage. Apart from maintenance to keep your home fully functional and free from damage, you also have to take security into account.

Here are some suggestions to make your home a lot more secure.

Build a Fence

A fence is a deterrent. Most burglars would rather move on to the next house without a fence than having to deal with the one that has a fence. Choose from any of the trusted fence companies in Florida to have your fence custom-built for your home. Make it high and sturdy enough to make trying to defeat it a problem for most intruders.

Another advantage of having a fence is if you have small children or pets that might stray out of your property when you aren’t looking. You may also have a fence built around the pool area, if you have one, for the safety of your kids and small pets.

Get a Dog

A dog is a great companion at home, but it can also be useful in terms of guarding your home. Dogs are likely to scare intruders off and even chase away small animals interested in your garbage.

Change the Locks

You don’t know if you’ve been given all the keys to your home, or if there aren’t any master keys to it in someone else’s possession. Believe it or not, 33% of break-ins happen because burglars have access to the front door. The first thing you should do when you move in is to change the locks. Call a reputable locksmith in your area and have them replace the locks on your doors and windows, including the ones in the garage.

Install Lights

The dark is the intruder’s friend. Most burglars are apt to change their mind if they think they can be easily spotted by you or your neighbors. Make sure there are lights all around the property to make it harder for burglars to creep in. You may also want to install floodlights that you can turn on if you hear a noise. The sudden brightness is typically enough to make intruders run.

Install Cameras

A CCTV can help authorities capture criminals. But their effectiveness is usually deterrence. Many burglars would change their minds if they spot cameras all around the property.

Now that you own a house, it’s best to keep it private and safe for you and your family. Follow these tips to keep it as secure as possible.