Keeping Kids Away from the Plumber’s Work Area

Plumber taking down notes

You got to hand it to professional plumbers for fixing your pipes while trying to keep the rest of your family members at bay while they work. Though your kids may be curious about what happens under the kitchen sink, it’s best to keep them away when plumbers work.

Here are a few effective tactics to keep your kids distracted enough from bothering Mr. Plumber:

Offer a New Toy

Though you are shelling out to have your pipes fixed, you might as well go all the way and buy your child a new toy or game to keep them busy. You can announce the purchase a day before the plumber’s visit you, so they will look forward to your gift more than the shiny items in your plumber’s toolbox.

Let Them Stay With You

Join your child on the patio, the garden, or even their play room and spend quality time with them while the plumber works elsewhere. Let them know where you are, so they can easily find you when needed. However, if you can’t cancel your day’s activities and are too busy to play, make sure you don’t lose sight of your little bundle of joy. As long as you can see them, then they’re relatively safe.

A Short Meet and Greet

Most certified plumbers in Salt Lake City are trained, not just in plumbing repair, but in handling customers and other on-the-job concerns. A short meet and greet with your child before they start working can appease your kid’s curiosity and reduce the chances of them looking over the plumber’s shoulder. Over snacks, allow your hired worker to show some tools to your kids with the reminder that they stay away from the work area.

If you have active kids, their curiosity can get the better of them. Hopefully, these tips would make your plumber’s work a little easier and your kids a lot happier. In the end, you and your home will be all the better due to your efforts.