Keeping Your Glass Shower Door Clean 24/7

clean glass shower doors

A glass shower door is becoming a common choice for homeowners. Not only does it increase your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal, it’s also durable and is relatively easy to maintain.

Professionals in Indianapolis can install shower glass doors for your home and have them customized depending on your style and preference. However, once they’re installed, it’s up to you to keep it looking as new as possible. Here’s some proof to show that shower glass doors are easy to maintain. Follow these so you can make yours always looking good as new:

Make cleaning a daily habit

Make the squeegee your shower best friend. The habit of cleaning the shower doors after every time you use it is one of the easiest ways to keep it clean. It will take less than a minute and cost you nothing because the heat of the shower can help remove dirt in the glass.

Find a glass-friendly solution

If you’re looking for a cleaner shower glass door, cleaning it with the help of glass cleaning solutions is always an option. All you need to do is drop to your nearest store and find one. If you want to save some money, an all natural homemade solution made of baking soda and lemon always does the trick.

Use soft scrubs

Invest in soft scrubs that will not damage your glass doors. Otherwise, using an old cotton T-shirt as your cleaning tool would suffice.

Ventilate the bathroom properly

Keep your bathroom well ventilated. This will help your glass doors fully dry and free from water marks and stains.

Be able to keep your glass shower doors always looking good as new by following these simple yet effective maintenance tips.