Kitchen Cabinetry: 4 Door Styles to Consider

KitchenThe style of the cabinet doors is among the factors that make or break the kitchen’s overall design. From the most simple to the most elaborate designs, there’s a style that fits every homeowner’s preferences.

Woodland Construction and Remodeling and a few well-known interior designers list some cabinet door styles you can consider when building or remodeling your kitchen:

1. Flat Style

Stylish yet simple, flat panel kitchen cabinet doors could fit right into any kitchen. Its minimalist form and hard lines make it especially ideal for modern and contemporary kitchens. Flat panel cabinet doors often come in wood, like laminate wood.

2. Inset Style

While this style is the most costly option, it’s as classic as it gets and will last for generations to come. Inset style doors are so-named because they’re set inside the frame of the cabinet, while standard cabinet doors merely rest on the frame. Expect to pay more since this style has exact measurements that fit right inside the cabinet frame — closing and opening properly, even if the wood contracts or expands.

3. Shaker Style

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular door styles in the U.S. This flat panel, five-piece style features a frame built from four wooden pieces and one flat panel in the center as the fifth piece. It could be affordable or costly depending on the wood used for the panels.

4. Louvered Style

While these horizontal wooden slats are commonly used in interior doors, furniture pieces, and windows, they offer a distinct architectural vibe to kitchen cabinets. Louvered cabinet doors feature ample spaces between each wooden slat, making them a good option for cabinets that need ventilation. This is ideal for kitchen cabinets near the stove or oven.

When remodeling or building a new kitchen, the design you choose for the cabinetry would determine the style of the kitchen. With this in mind, make sure to choose wisely so that everything will match. If all else fails, go for customized ones.