La Petite France at Home: The Right Way to Style

France is popular for contributing countless trends, food choices, and fashion picks. The beautiful country is also responsible for some of the prettiest aesthetics in residential places. From Provence’s incredible country homes to Paris’s très chic apartments, the style is a must-have, especially for homeowners wishing to bring a piece of France at home.

Achieving the real look need not cost you an arm and a leg. You can easily mimic the French design by mixing and matching a few techniques:

Indulge in Some Details

The French are no strangers to the value of indulgence (the decadent cuisine and those two-hour lunch breaks; it helps to learn a little from them. To achieve the authentic French look, apply little yet luxurious upgrades.

Antique fireplace mantels, for example, give your house a quintessential French look. Authentic Provence adds that these hand carved mantels are also “essential elements of indoor living.” The limestone pieces bring the Parisian lifestyle charm to your home.

Love Negative Spaces

Gallery walls are not easy to come by, especially in “typical” Parisian apartments. The French are famous for their love of minimalism; an empty space on their walls or floors is not a cause for concern. Some French residences simply add a large and singular portrait to adorn their walls; in some cases, none at all.

Instead of fixing negative spaces, learn to love it. Why cover your whitewashed walls with too many pictures when the detailed wall paneling already enhances the room?

A Touch of Glitz

The finishing touch to any Parisian apartment is simple: jewelry. Adding glamorous pieces such as a metallic coffee table or mirror over the fireplace emphasizes the beauty of the room. Want to be more adventurous? Install a vintage chandelier or place a golden skull above your fireplace.

Do You Have a Historic French Piece? Show Them Off. It’s All About the Little Details

It’s never too late to transform your home into la petite France. A decorative touch here and there (plus some research) can turn your house into the stuff Parisian daydreams are made of.