Landscaping 101: Water Features to Consider for Your Home

landscaping with small pond

Aside from being lovely to look at, flowing water can transform any landscape into something a little more special. Likewise, if you plan to put a water feature in your patio, terrace, or garden, you also get the added benefit of visiting birds and other wildlife. Get to know these common water features and how you can use them in your home’s landscape.

Simple Birdbaths

These are undoubtedly the most straightforward water feature to add your garden or outdoor space. Birdbaths are usually made of cement, glass, copper, ceramic tiles, or ceramic stone. If you want more feathered friends to visit, consider adding a sprinkling or dripping water element to your birdbath.

Enthralling Water Fountains

Although everyone loves the ubiquitous freestanding cement water fountain, you can also opt for more unique options, such as huge bowls, graduated cylinders, watering cans, or bubbling urns. If you’re really into the look of falling water, a wall fountain can be an excellent option for you. You can opt for wall fountains that have water dropping directly into a small pond, tub, or straight into your swimming pool.

Small Water Gardens

These containers are filled with water and plants. You can also throw in a fish or two to prevent mosquito larvae from growing. For this, you have endless options to choose from—oversized bowls, water troughs, old bathtubs, and more. Take note though that when adding fish, dechlorinate the tap water first or else see your fish perish.

Tranquil Ponds

You can opt for a prefabricated liner or have one made from scratch into a shape and size that’s perfect for your specific location. When picking out an area for your pond, make sure that the space gets ample sunlight and is not under trees because you don’t want your pond to be littered with leaves.

With its visual appeal, water can instantly bring vitality to any landscape. Whether you choose to start with a birdbath or small water garden, consider discussing your options with a professional.