Learn About the Nature of Smoke and the Issues Associated with Smoke Damage After A Fire

A firefighter battling a house fire

Several types of damage can occur after a huge conflagration. Assistance is required for all types of damage, but one issue, in particular, will be our focus today. Some parts of the building will exhibit charring and ashing. Certain structural components will distort and melt. All affected areas will emit a strong odor from the smoke.

Understanding smoke damage

The composition of smoke is primarily small carbon particles with tar, ash, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and particulate matter, which are less than 10 microns in diameter. Essentially, smoke is fuel that did not burn. Smoke is dangerous to people and is fatal when inhaled.

Blackened walls, soot on the ceiling, and ruined flooring and carpeting—these are some of the manifestations of smoke damage. As the combustion rages on, driven smoke will end up on vertical surfaces, while free-floating smoke settles on horizontal surfaces. After a conflagration, you will only realize that smoke has been there from the smell and the residue it has left. The film of ash and the odor will not go away by itself. If it is a low-oxygen fire that smolders as it burns, the smoky residue is wet and harder to remove.

Preparing for additional cost

Fire restoration service providers in Utah like AAA Restoration will spend much time dealing with smoke damage for the building becomes inhabitable again. You may have to spend a few hundred dollars on top of the general estimate of $3,000 to remove the odor. Fortunately, it is typical for insurance companies to cover soot and fire damage, so you will not have to worry much on the financial side. Damage from lightning, fire, and wind are covered so that homeowners need not pay cash for repairs and removal of nasty byproducts. Nevertheless, expect a higher cost for repairs with a greater area of damage.

Smoke and fire residue usually causes material deterioration. Professional removal services are necessary to restore your home or business location to its pre-damaged state.