Luxury Swimming Pool: Which Features Should You Go For?

Rattan Chairs Near a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool not only provides a relaxing and bonding feature among family members. It also adds to the overall value of your home, particularly if it has additional luxury features and is in good condition.

Summer is fast approaching, and the heat can be felt already. Everyone with a swimming pool is seeking for a hot tub service in Salt Lake City, in readiness to enjoy long moments of relaxation and cooling in your water pool. For the ones considering remodeling, here are luxury features that will make your pool the place to be this summer.

Fire Features

If you want a dramatic and impactful addition to your pool, then a fireplace is the way to go. Fireplaces are preferred since they have a striking visual contrast with water, taking the overall appearance of the pool to another level. Also, fireplaces extend the outdoor stay beyond summer into fall and sometimes winter. They also act as a major attraction when entertaining guests.

Water Fountains

Fountains and other water features in your pool not only improve its aesthetics but also input elements of visual interest. They have an ambiance of a physically and mentally soothing background and introduce a cooling factor around the pool. You may go for water features such as canon jets, sprays, rain curtains, laminar jets, waterfalls, bubblers, and spillways. All these categories enhance your pool differently with their unique features and water sounds.

Custom Lighting

Lighting shouldn’t be underestimated in your remodel project, as they can single-handedly transform the overall appearance and feel of your swimming pool. There are plenty of options to consider for your pool ranging from color-changing LED lights to float petals lighting designs. Therefore, ensure that lighting is incorporated in the highlight and final touches of your pool remodeling.

Regardless of what your luxury remodel idea is, there are always features that will match the style and feel of your home. Since your home is the best place where you can unwind, invest in excellent pool features, which will ensure that you never leave the lounge chair.