Make Spring Eternal in Your Home

Home designs

Spring has come to sunny San Diego! With the mild weather, the cool waters off the coast, and blooming flowers in Balboa Park, you can find the season an inspiring blend of colors. In fact, if you’re planning to renovate your home interiors, you can use the season’s colors to recreate the spring mood in your home. Many interior design firms in San Diego, like Studio Stratton, have different ways of bringing this season into residential buildings. Here are ways you could make it spring in your home all year.

The Colors of Spring

Since it is the spring season, you can adapt the colors of spring into your interiors. Pastel tones are well-suited for a spring-inspired decor. These tones include mint, duck egg blue, and powdery pink. These colors in your home’s interior walls will give your home a sense of calmness and warmth. You can add black or gray accents for contrast.

Contrast with Dark Furniture

You can make pastel-colored walls pop all the more using furniture or furnishings made of dark wood. Metallic fixtures add another a level of appeal to your decor. Dark colored furnishings evoke simple elegance that you might want in your home.

Make a Personal Statement

Use a unique collection in your home as a set decor. These could be novelty items or objects of interest to you. Place them as a set decor, but make sure they complement other pieces in the room. You can use antique pieces such as China porcelain ware, or items you received as a gift or souvenirs from your holidays.

Design the Ceiling

Ceilings have become a signature piece for home decoration. You can use beadboard and give it a semi-gloss finish, to simulate the vibrant glow of spring. You could also use metal ceiling tiles with small patterns if you have a low ceiling. Choose decorative metal panels that could recreate a “ceiling cloud” in your home.

You can make it spring all-year round in your home with these suggestions. If you think you want to explore other options, you could always contact a professional interior decorator who can guide you on how to give your home that eternal spring atmosphere.