Make Your Home Ready for Rainy or Sunny Weather

Man repairing roof

Though some parts of New Zealand are experiencing rainy weather, the sun comes out intermittently for a brief period of warm sunshine. At such times, some people may prefer to stay indoors. You need to keep your home cool if you want to stay comfortable whatever the weather, and there are simple ways to make your summer at home more relaxing.

Consider repairing leaks where cold air from your HVAC could escape

Look for areas in a room where cold air could likely escape. If you’re in Tauranga, you may want roofing service providers or contractors to check your house for roof leaks.

Use curtains and window blinds

Curtains prevent air from entering or leaving a room. You could also roll down window blinds to prevent sunlight from entering your home. Consider installing films to your windows to fend off UV rays.

Place potted plants near the windows to further block the sun

Potted plants and trees can give your home shade, but make sure that the tree roots will not affect your water and sewage system.  You should also prune branches that may fall or break off during stormy weather

Use fans to circulate air in your home

A fan can help move cool air around your home. You can make the fan’s air cooler by placing a wet cloth in front of the fan. Some people also use ice, but a wet curtain would also work.

Build a roofed patio

Put up a roofed patio on your property so you could still enjoy the great outdoors on both rainy and sunny days.

Making your home comfortable makes the summer more enjoyable. You don’t have to spend too much to do any of these things, but any of these could make your home more comfortable whatever the season.