Maximising a Small Bedroom

cosy bed with pink pillows

1. Get a day bed

Purchasing dual-purpose furniture contributes to maximising a small space. Daybeds can be used as a couch during the day, which is perfect for visitors, and as your bed at night. Many companies offer bed and mattress delivery, and you may choose from plain day beds to ones that come with extra storage.

2. Create depth with mirrors

Adding mirrors in your room creates more depth and dimension. Mirrors act as small windows and expand the room by giving the illusion of a bigger area. You may use several mirrors and place them together or a full-length mirror, to add more height to your space. Full-length mirrors make space feel lighter and brighter.

3. Use corner desks

Another dual-purpose furniture, a corner desk beside your bed acts as a nightstand and your workstation. Corner desks do not take up a large surface area but offer plenty of storage.

4. Go vertical

Making the most out of your vertical space is an excellent way to keep things organised. Instead of purchasing extra furniture such as cabinets or shelves, you might want to layer shelves above your desk or your bed to save space. Floating shelves would hold magazines and books. Hanging baskets and buckets would provide extra storage for miscellaneous items.

5. Stash under your bed

When you’re running out of space in your closet, desk, or shelves, you might want to buy baskets and boxes to maximise the space under your bed. Instead of buying extra furniture to store items you do not want on your desk or shelves, organise them neatly under your bed.

With creativity, you would be able to defy the conventional ways of designing your bedroom. Make the most out of your space to turn it into a cosy nook without losing its style.