Mow Weed Everyday: How to Control Weed Growth in Your Lawn

Beautiful lawn

A healthy lawn free of weeds does not happen naturally. Proper care and maintenance must be practiced to keep your lawn weed-free.

More than just being an eyesore, experts from U.S. Lawns say that weeds also pose a danger to your other plants, as well, as to any pets you may have. But, while killing weeds can be a chore (because it is!), proper steps and techniques can make your gardening life easier and more manageable. Here are some tips to keep your lawn weed-free.


Applying pesticide is one of the more efficient ways to kill the weeds on your lawn. Chemical pesticides are widely available, but using a combination of salt and vinegar is also effective. However, pesticide, even organic and all-natural herbicides, can harm healthy and desirable plants, so make sure to spray your weed killer on the weed itself without soaking the soil.

Hand Pulling

For smaller infestations, roll up your sleeves and get dirty. Pulling weeds out by hand might be the simplest method of controlling weed growth, but that doesn’t make it the easiest! Always use gloves to avoid sap burn and prickles, and use trowels and broad knives to excavate those deep, stubborn roots. Pulling out weeds after rainfall makes it easier, as the soil is moist.

Environment Control

Creating an environment that is hostile to weeds can be tricky, as this could negatively affect your other desirable plants. Covering affected areas with newspaper and mulch can help stifle weed growth by denying them access to water and sunlight. Weeds are less likely to thrive if there is minimal water run-off, as some species of weed rely on this excess water.

Identifying the types of weeds that grow on your lawn is essential in determining how best to deal with them.  With the right tools for the right situation, managing weed growth on your lawn gets easier.