New York’s Manhattan Accounts for Biggest Share of Shared Office Space

workers at a co-working space

New York’s Manhattan accounts for the biggest portion of all shared office space in the U.S., with more than 25% co-working area, according to a report.

The borough so far became the co-working capital of the country, as there are 7.65 million square feet of shared working spaces in 245 properties. Los Angeles ranked far behind with 3.7 million square feet.

A Trend in Sharing

Shared office spaces have become more popular due to the idea of saving money, although some companies have jumped into this trend to attract younger talents. Most millennials, for instance, consider the working environment to be a major factor for their productivity. Interior office designers take this into account when planning the layout for each project.

While Manhattan has the biggest portion of all co-working spaces, other cities are slowing catching up. In Miami, the report attributed the high percentage of shared spaces to a large demand from startup companies, telecommunication firms and medical facilities.

Building Designs

When imagining your co-working space, one of the most important aspects includes a layout that reflects your company brand and culture. If you plan to design or build a San Francisco office, you should seek help from companies that can assist you from the planning concept up to the construction stage.

Some popular trends in 2018 for office designs include adding natural elements such as plants and other greenery. You can choose between natural or artificial plants since the idea only requires that you integrate nature with your office. Companies should consider doing this to improve the productivity of their employees.


Employers that want to save money on building rents or lure younger professionals will find it easier to do so with shared office spaces. In case you want to design your co-working area, choose companies that offer turn-key operations.