No to Insect Invasion: Preventing Household Pests

Exterminator spraying the interior of kitchen cupboards

A pesticide is a standard option when dealing with household pests like cockroaches. While the strong bug sprays can kill pests, they are harmful to your family’s health. Children are especially vulnerable, as their immune systems are still developing. They may be more exposed to chemicals when they crawl on the floor then put their fingers in their mouth.

Here are ways to deal with such pests:

Denying Pests Access

Pest control service providers in Corona note that pests and insects can easily enter your home through cracks and openings. Damaged or wet wood is also a major concern, as it can attract ants and make it more susceptible to damage. Check your home’s foundation and seal openings that are larger than ¼ inch. Be sure to seal any other visible gaps you can find in these places:

  • Main door, garage door, and windows
  • Wall passages
  • Gaps between trim and house siding
  • Crawl spaces and roof vents
  • Chimney caps (if you have one)

Keeping the House Clean

If you want to avoid pesticides, the safest way to keep unwanted visitors out is to discourage them. This includes keeping the house clean, along with wiping food spills immediately and cleaning the kitchen counter and sinks after preparing food. Don’t forget to seal food containers tightly and store food properly. It is also important to make sure that the garbage cans or recycling bins are away from the house.

Getting Help and Using Sprays

Many homeowners consider using bug sprays when the problems seem significant. If this is the same for you, it is best to hire a pest control service provider. If you still want to use pesticides, do so with caution. Choose the right product suited for the pests you’re dealing with. Be sure to follow the instructions and open the windows after application.

If the infestation problem is severe, consult an expert. A pest control company has the right product/equipment and knows the right method to address the problem. Through this, you won’t have to use bug sprays and other chemicals that may harm your health.