Plumbing Problems: Fix Your Noisy Pipes Problem

Man Fixing Broken Water PipeCracking, whistling, cracking and rattling water pipes and connections should not be ignored. They could be an indication of serious plumbing issues. The more a water pipe produces rattling sounds, the greater is the chance that some joints or water pipes inside the wall will fail. Websites like explain there are several things that might be causing your noisy water pipe problem.

Loose pipes

One of the common causes of plumbing noises is loose pipes. There may be a pipe behind the wall that is not properly strapped down or attached. This is especially possible if your home is old since plumbing codes did not require bracing years ago.

Water hammer

Water hammer is a condition where water pipes make a banging sound when the tap is turned on or a squealing sound when the tap is running. It can be caused by excessive water pressure, or contraction and expansion caused by changes in temperature or presence of air in the plumbing line.

Water heaters

Plumbing that makes constant rumbling noises can mean that something is off with the water heater. When residue mounts up at the bottom of your water heater, it can make the water that’s stuck in the residue to boil, and this is what results in the rumbling noise that you hear.


If you hear a rattling or banging at the end of the fill cycle after flushing the toilet, it is likely that the fill valve that controls the fill process is worn out. Depending on its design and how new it is, you may need to have it repaired. If it is completely worn out, replacing it with a better one can be a great idea.

If the noise problem persists and there are no obvious leaks, then you need to do something about it. DIY plumbing repairs could serve as a quick fix, but the best person who can detect the real problem and address it effectively is a licensed plumber in Rockwell, Texas. The plumbing professional can also offer cost-effective recommendations to help address the problem.