Plumbing Service Agreements: What They Should Entail

Plumber and client shaking hands

Ideally, your home’s plumbing system has an intricate network of pipes and parts to keep water and sewer flowing throughout. However, you will experience problems with this system a little more than often, and sometimes, even unexpectedly. In such times, having a maintenance agreement will guide you in choosing the right plumbing service provider to contact, notes Alfa Plumbing Services.

What Does the Agreement Offer?

Most plumbing maintenance agreements give homeowners preferential response to their emergency water heater and sewer repairs. They also indicate how often the inspections will be. Be keen, however, to note whether the plumbing maintenance agreement includes specialty services like the recommended annual water heater flush. Some contracts also include future discounts on labor and plumbing replacement costs.

It is good that all these offers favor homeowners, but ensure your plumbing service provider has the agreement in writing and you both append signatures as proof of consent.

How Much Should the Agreement Cost?

A typical plumbing maintenance agreement will cost you hundreds of dollars annually. Ideally, that can pay off with a single inspection should your plumber identifies and curbs a plumbing problem in its early stages. Some plumbing companies will offer you different plumbing maintenance agreements depending on the complexity and number of services they will be providing.

Therefore, when reviewing the agreement, inquire about how much each level will cost you. Higher contracts often come with extra perks, but still, determine whether they are worth spending more on.

Entering any service agreement requires you consider the providers that are offering them. Is the service-provider reliable, reputable, trustworthy, and professional? Also, is the arrangement short- or long-term? You can also use reviews from their past clients. That will help you determine the quality of the services of the plumber with whom you are planning to sign the plumbing maintenance agreement.