Pointers for Handling the Common Simple Repairs Needed on Chain Link Fences

Wooden Fence

Chain link fences are a popular option since they’re among the toughest fencing options available. The fence might, however, still need minor repairs from time to time. The fixes are relatively easy and inexpensive.

All it takes for a simple chain link fence repair in Salt Lake City are a few tools and some know how. Below are some tips on carrying out ordinary repairs on your fence. If you’re dealing with complex problems with your fence, United Fence Company notes that it’s best to call for professional help.

Snapped Links

Links usually snap due to a variety of factors, including harsh weather conditions. Snapped links are common near your fencing poles and at the top of your fence. Merely attaching a piece of mesh over the snapped one looks messy. The ideal solution is to get a small replacement piece and rethread it from the top to the bottom of the snapped link spot.

Sagging Fences

If there’s a wobbly post in your fence, chances the fence will start sagging. Snapped links and deformation of the fencing material at the top will also contribute to its sagging. The solution to this problem is to remove the free post and build a strong foundation for it using concrete. You can also use struts to secure your post and make it stronger.

Inward Leaning of End Posts

This is common if your wires are installed too tight. The perfect solution for this issue is to undo your fence from approximately two meters from your end post. You can then add a small fencing material to the end of your fence and then reattach it to a firm post dug in the same place.

Now that you can handle simple chain link fence repairs, there is no reason to opt for any other fence. A chain-link fence can, after all, save you hundreds or even thousands in repair and initial costs. It’s also easy to maintain and comes with various design options.