Practical and Amazing Additions to Improve Your Garage


The last part of the house most homeowners would think of renovating is the garage because its main function is just for storage and sheltering your car from the elements. Contrary to this common idea, upgrading your garage can actually work wonders for your family and your home.

Here are some practical solutions that can improve your garage almost instantly.

Remote-Controlled Garage Doors

Opening a garage door manually can be a hassle especially if you’re in a hurry. This is the part where remote controls doors come in. You don’t have to step outside your car or exert any sort of physical effort to open them.

All you have to do is to point and click. Add to that, the garage door openers with remotes in Brisbane are relatively affordable and aesthetically appealing, which automatically raises the value of your home in most cases.

Extra Storage Space

Another practical addition to your garage are storage shelves and areas. Normally the garage is completely filled with cluttered tools and equipment along with your cars so reserving space for shelves, closets and pegs can make it neater and cleaner.

If extending the garage is out of the question, install ceiling storage to maximise its square footage instead.


If you have space and budget for it, consider adding a loft. Lofts act as both a convenient storage space for your other items, extra living space that you can utilise as a workshop, office or even turn it into a bedroom.

This may cost you more than the other improvements but consider this an investment that’s worth the cost due to its functionality and value.

Sometimes the best things come from where you least expect it. What was once a part of the house that you least cared about adds to your home’s value and convenience once it has been upgraded. Every inch of your house is worth investing in so even the garage has its own merits that are worth mentioning and maximising.