Primary Dimensions in Gutter Installation

Rain gutters are a crucial part of your property’s durability. They direct water away from your building’s foundation, hence averting costly water damage. There are various web pages with DIY instructional materials on rain gutter installation. This is, however, a job best handled by expert installers. Experts from Bruce Andrews Seamless Gutters note that there are various dimensions involved in rain gutter installation, which untrained Wisconsin residents will not understand. These dimensions make the difference between an optimally operating and useless rain gutter. Here are a few tidbits on the three primary dimensions which guide rain gutter installation.

Outlet Spacing and Sizing

Rain gutters will work best with proper outlet sizing in relation to a specific roof area. The size of your downspouts should ideally be less than your gutter’s bottom width to drain water efficiently. Most installers allow a one square inch opening for your gutter’s outlet per 100 square feet of the roof.

Roof Slope

Rainwater should not overrun your gutter’s front edge. A steep roof will, however, accelerate the velocity of stormwater and lead to the overrunning of your gutters. To enhance proper water drainage, gutters are hung at level with your roof’s eaves and fascia.

Gutter Pitch

Rain gutters should be adequately pitched to allow smooth flow of water to the downspouts. A vertical half inch for a 10-feet horizontal run is a rule of thumb used in most installations. For runs that exceed 35 feet, some installers recommend a high mid-point with sloping ends for unhindered water flow. A proper gutter pitch prevents breeding of insects common in stagnant water.

The ideal exact values of the above dimensions primarily depend on the amount of rainfall you receive in your area. With these dimensions, you realize that gutter installation is not as easy as those proposing DIY fitting make it seem. Any mistakes can lead to significant water damage to your property’s foundation rather than protecting it.