Properly Size Up Your Window Blinds for Ultimate Performance

Window Blinds

There are plenty good reasons to invest in window treatments such as roller blinds. These covers provide you with an easy and convenient way to maintain privacy, while also helping keep external elements at bay. They also protect your home and its contents from inclement weather.

Keep in mind though that their performance still depends on several factors, including orientation and location. Size also plays a huge role; too loose and you can’t expect ultimate performance from them. This is where custom roller blinds come into play.

Ensure proper-fitting blinds

Limiting movement of air in the surrounding areas of windows is an important role window covers to play. In the summer season, the greater the amount of warm outdoor air allowed to move in and circulate in your home, the harder your air conditioning system would have to work. This eats up more power, resulting in higher energy costs. The same is true for winter’s chilly air.

Having roller blinds customised based on the size and shape of your windows ensures they fit each other perfectly. This effectively improves window efficiency, since it prevents both heat loss and gain. It also prevents problems with operation.

Maximise protection and coverage

Custom made blinds also provide you with maximum protection and coverage since you’ll have it designed according to the specifications and size of your windows. You can make certain they cover the entire opening, especially when you have windows larger (in both width and height) than the standard size. The made to measure variety also works best for odd- or irregular-shaped windows.

Create optimal adjustability

How well the blinds will operate and perform to your standards will also depend on the level of adjustability they have. Setting them up on frames that don’t have enough depth will make it hard for you to open them up completely.

Custom blinds eliminate all these potential issues, while also providing you with the freedom to choose among a wide variety of colours, designs, and materials.