Remember These 3 Factors When Purchasing a New Fireplace

Family besides their fireplace

Fireplaces give homeowners a great option to improve the many aspects of their property. It boasts indoor comfort, especially during Utah’s chilly fall and cold snowy seasons, while increasing the value of their house.

It’s important to remember that each household member has varying comfort needs and style preferences. This is why, as Comfort Solutions and other experts suggest, you have to factor in several technical considerations when investing in a new fireplace.

The energy source

There are different types of energy sources that can power a fireplace: wood, natural gas, LPG, electricity, and bioethanol. Each type of fuel comes at a different cost based on the energy they provide, usually measured in Kw of heat. Note that of all these types, natural gas offers the most affordable energy source. To maximize its cost-efficiency, however, you need to invest in an energy-efficient gas fire as well.

Your heating needs and preferences

All styles and kinds of fireplaces, with the exception of the electric ones, produce heat-generating flames. The bigger or wider you make the flame, the greater the level of heat it brings. Consider the frequency usage of the fireplace, so you and your loved ones can get the most warmth and comfort from it. Getting a large fireplace for a small room isn’t only impractical, it can also make the room too hot that you might not want to switch it on ever.

Type of chimney or flue system

The chimney or the flue system takes the fireplace’s combustion byproducts away from the fireplace. Choose a fireplace that matches the capabilities of your chimney. For instance, you can either keep your existing chimney or upgrade to a more modern flue liner system. In case you'll go for a wood-powered fireplace, you have to line the chimney to contain the soot it produces.

These are only some of the most important considerations to make when installing a new fireplace. As long as you don’t overlook them and seek proper expert advice, you’re on your way to having a more comfortable and cozy home.