Renovate with Natural Stones for a Luxurious Bathroom

Granite Flooring

You can create a luxurious bath space with the right materials. In this case, natural stone is your best option.

Whether it’s marble or granite, natural stones add elegance to your bathroom. Its versatile nature enables any design to match a variety of interior styles. Fortunately, the luxurious quality of natural stones is accessible almost everywhere—thanks to the growing number of quarries and distributors.

For World of Renovation, a renovation retail store, granite and marble are so versatile that the stoneworks make the perfect addition, adding ‘value to any property’.

What’s the Right Stone?

When it comes to bath spaces, go-to options include marble, travertine, granite and slate—all hard stone that boast of water-resistant and aesthetic qualities. Each natural stone comes with a distinctive look and characteristics:

  • Granite. Apart from being a favourite for kitchens, the non-porous quality of granite also makes it ideal for bathrooms. It also comes in different shades—grays, whites, browns and other blues.
  • Marble. Another classic, marble is the ideal piece for both traditional and modern design bath spaces. The most luxurious forms of marble are available in shades of pale gold and Nero Marquino (black stone marble).
  • Slate. This fine-grained stone is the perfect form of elegance if you are after a rustic look. It is also slip-resistant.
  • Travertine. For that ancient history type of luxury, travertine’s patterns are also ideal for rustic bathrooms.

When choosing the right material, consider where you’d want to see it. Do you want it for your walls or for your floors? Or will it be a perfect accent behind the sink?

Your Next Step

Talk with professionals to get better results for your bathroom renovation. You can do the project on your own, but a renovation expert can do the job more effectively.

The beauty of natural stone is perfect for your bathroom, especially if you want a more luxurious feel. Start planning, and talk to an expert today.